Sunday, July 8, 2007

KL amanzel gathering

Last year December, went KL for a trip to meet my online game friends. My plane AirAsia arrived KLIA at midnight 1am, so i have to wait at airport till morning. Q call me at night, said they will late go KL from Ipoh. Spend my time at burger king there eating, drinking and walk around da airport. Finally morning 6AM, i take KLIA Express - KL sentra.

Reach KL sentra around 7am, finish my lunch at MC there. Wait for so long ...........finally strife, kira and stella come. Strife so talk active, kira suddenly so silent. Still want me help him say~ all system green, kira yamato, ikimasu~ and.....Strife soooo big with me... PVP in real life he sure win a lot.

Then, Vivi and MasterQ call us go meet at KFC. We 4 ppl ma go meet them first. Vivi, MasterQ with 2 friends from Ipoh, + we 4 ppl, 8 ppl go find hotel first, else tonight no place sleep..kakaka. Finally reach hotel...full book sia....RM350 per night....but da room got lving room de. badroom seperate.

Then around2-3pm we take taxi and KRT went to comic fiesta. reach comic fiesta already 3pm something. So many bleach cosplay there...took some photo, then gg....go choing buy some anime stuff. kira buy gundam stuff, me buy naruto stuff, stella buy kunai ..haha . i saw my old online friend bladewing (the bleach byakuya) and snakeeyes (sry, dono what character he cosplay), talk with them a while. 2 years no see them zo.

After that we back to hotel, take bath~~ When we all ready... 8pm liao....Toro call us go CC for game. We reach CC near sungai wang there already 8.30 ...swt.. after that We go for our dinner. Zack and Roy finally appear~~ GG

Time to back hotel, yeah~ vivi friend dam funny, put the akatsuki costume with the lamp haha. then Q try it also.

2nd morning wake up~ we went to sungai wang shopping. buy some anime book, then lunch at one restuarent. This restaurent not bad ho, DJ is india but can speck madarin and cantonese very wel. He saw us first time come here, giv us some free foods and drinks....even come down play card game with us. oya the restaurent got lot type of food, chinese, western, japanese, and etc~~~ inside got TV room for kids watch anime and play video game. really relax there~~ Oya We meet Ken and frosky there also. Too bad Vivi and Q need rush for thier bus back ipoh, so they leave first.

Me, Zack and Ken back to KL centra. we said 88 there, i took express back to KLIA ~ wa this trip really rush for me too.....cos really no time...~~ haha


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