Sunday, July 29, 2007

Kuching Food Fair first day

yesterday Sat went to kuching food fair. yeah it was the first day just open.
This year garden a bit special, was continue. But the food.....very disappointed, bad than last year, not much fresh stuff. Oya this time got one big screen at the food stall there, so that ppl no need go to stage also can watch the stage performance while eating. Activities? not much there..... same as last year.

lets see some baka guy wear costume go there...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, July 26, 2007

CosWorld Indepedant film# 7

one of our purpose to shoot this film, is to let the public know more about cosplay.
Because many people think that cosplay is only "wasting time and money", and it just a copycat "without any meaning", "a group of people without any cultural", a group of crazy people"

why they will said that? because they never really participant in,
when a new caltural come in. a lot of ppl will auto protech themself, and dont will to aceept the new stuff, they only think that their old teory are correct, other are wrong.

The are no wrong on right to cosplay. Its a hobby no different than other.

cosplay "will make one person gone into a not realistic world?" a hobby that not healty? the same thing playing game, playing computer, watch movie, watch comic/novel and other hobby will also lead to the same disadvantage.

cosplay is wasting money? some ppl like to collecting stuff, example stamp, model, sportcar, same they spend a lot of money to buying those stuff.

cosplay is a copycat? the famous movie, superman, batman, X-man, lord of ring, harry potter, all those live action film, they all come out from noval and comic. are they consider as copy? ppl usually never think they are copycat because they are official film. They will only think that, fans who wear like the characer from novel/comic is copycat!! Its if funny that this never notice by ppl?
Are those film not healty? it giv us our childhood a sweet memory.

oyeah, not to forgot said cosplay has a subcategory, that is original costume. Its a cosplay that u create the original character urself, the look, and also the characteristic, giv her/him a name. After that make the costume and wear urself.

a teenager want to do something they sure have some reason, why dont try to understand them first? so this movie have give teenager a chance to said out what they want to say, the "words" that hide insider their mind.

Our cosplay indepandant film have 4 main characters, each character have thier own story. Most of the story are real, that really happen on our members.
Everyone come to cosplay have different purpose. Why? Reason?

Lets talk about seng fatt's real story.
Not every cosplayer are rich. He come from a small family, he leave school when he was 15 years old. His teacher tell his class that, u ppl are useless, better dont come study. Even teacher also give up on their class. After he leave school, he plan to back school study again, but the headmaster tell him, u not suitable study, better for u to leave and learn something to find a job.
After he join cosplay, he found that he gain something that he never own it before. Inside the club there are people who really take care him, be friend with him, won't look down him because he study not much. He found his interest, that is become an actor.
the character he cosplay is sasuke. sasuke has a sad childhood, he is a silent people that dont talk much. After he meet naruto the main character, he start to change. naruto is the first person that want to become his first friend.

Hua kiong's story.
His dream is to become a model. He like the feeling that stand on the stage with many audience notice him. He like being fav by other, he would like to have many fans. Cosworld has give him many chance to promote him and also train him.

Teo Story.
He is a weird but funny guy. His role is a important character that able to bring up the mood of the whole team. He is the eldest among the four. He said, even u are old, but when playing must play "in the heart of a small kid" that will only really happy.

Chong Yuen Story.
He is a serious guy that do everything also serious, including cosplay. He work very hard than any other ppl, in order for other to put more attention on him.
In real life he also a serious guy, and he very interest on video shooting and editing stuff.
The character he choose to cosplay is kakashi. Inside manga, this kakashi is also a serious character, that have good plan on every mission. a lot of time the character they choose are related to their real life characteristic.

The cosworld founder story
She bears the burden of building the club and tend to do everything onto her own hand. You will find that she face many problems in the movie, example face the criticism from media. Many times she has think to give up the club that she built.
One company come to find cosworld for sponsor, but under some condition ... cosplayer give them play till like monkey.
After the meeting, they giv up the sponsorship, but then have to leave the head office which sponsor by them.

from outsider, it seem that cosplay is no meaning for other people, but from the story u can see that what they have gain. This story teach us, we canot judge one thing before we totally understand them.
why cosplay this topic keep debate and criticism by media and public? Because it has the value to discuss.

actually before we shoot this film, we also never notice that our member put so much hope on our club. this film make us know more about our cosplayer.

another reason to shoot this film is because a lot of people think that, a film is only for those professional. Our team has meet with another person that give us a negative response. this people think that, young ppl like high school student, uni student without training and without any experience, not able dare to face infront camera.
i totally not agree, and we think that we should start it when we still young, and we should promote it at high school and university.

Friday, July 20, 2007

CosWorld on newspaper 3 color pages!!!

3 color full pages today!!! wow~~ thats a lot... really a lot!!!! all about us. other topic also dont have that much before.
today friday come out 3 pages, saturday got another color page again!

because actually there are two differ reporter do the same topic, thats why so many report about us.

ok. first, about the inveterview at intimes/sarawak petang office, july 2007.
hua kiong, gary, lance, LRP 4 cosplayers and jimmy the former was invited. This report is interview by xiang yong, article write by me, page design by pao lin. Pages was put at the middle of newspapers, 2 color page continue together. hua kiong photo so big !!! that picture was took by saimon our official cameraman! almost half page is his photo.

wan get the clear version?
go my server download it

2nd is taman sahabat that time at may 2007
put in the font page
the reporter is kun chai, write by him, and page design by jin fung.
vui khien's photo face put so big there.
here the picture, got a bit error here.

click here to download the clear version

update~ the saturday newspaper

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MJC festival

MJC fun fair and food fair.
last saturday went there, reach there around 9.30. Many people there, but the food there not so nice, very limit, not much selection. The only food i like is the special sushi...dono what name. as the picture show.
also saw ppl auction at there..but not intesting on the item they selling....those china crystal stuff.....for old ppl d la. If anime, cosplay, game stuff maybe i will buy.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and.....and ....a weird game...using soft drink to bit (tikam) @_@

Kigurumi 把娃娃穿起来


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rainforest World Musical Festival ~2007. Sarawak

Some Videos of Rainforest world musical festival this year 2007.
As usual, this year musical festival also organize at sarawak cultural village, kuching here. It has attract many people from differ country come to visit.
The festival start from july 13 (friday) until july 15 (sunday), total 3 days.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
..lot people come!! full!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
bikini girl dancing

This video was shoot infront the stage, year the best people block...kakakakaka.

During Night there are music performance at stage there. Look at the audience, they all very high~ some white pretty girl with bikini dancing there.

Friday, July 13, 2007

布袋戏 Cosplay

sometime. at cosplay convention, you will see some ppl wearing Chinese traditional costume. who are they cosplaying?

actually is Taiwan famous TV puppet show,
it is not same as the traditional puppet show,
Add in computer graphic skill, use of better technical equipment, usually it show on TV and big screen.






此阶段的传统布袋戏虽已没落,但相对的,提昇制片水平与品质的电视布袋戏却藉由录像带、VCD、DVD、有线电视等影音媒体,增加布袋戏的收视观众。2005年,台湾电视布袋戏整体产值已提升到4000万美金以上,影音出租一百万人次,“有线电视台收视户更达350万户以上” 不仅此,各项衍伸自布袋戏的周边商品或演出于台湾甚至成为一种热潮,如同人志贩售会经常有的Cosplay活动,就会出现布袋戏人物,而这一热潮目前也开始逐渐蔓延到大陆地区。





2006 年年初,霹靂布袋戲打進美國電視頻道市場,在 2 月 5 日首度在美國卡通頻道(Cartoon Network)播出,
















Thursday, July 12, 2007

What is Lolita?

有些人认为只要身穿黑白上衣加喱士裙,就已经是Lolita,亦有些人认为Lolita不只是服饰装扮,其实是一种精神思想,代表无视世界规范,自成一格。基本上,Lolita的概念是沿自欧洲宫廷、公主、洋娃娃系列的服饰,在日本原宿街头发扬光大,成为一种fashion style。

1. Sweet Love Lolita - 以粉红、粉蓝、白色等粉色系列为主,衣料选用大量喱士,务求缔造出洋娃娃般的可爱和澜漫。一般女孩子也倾向于可爱洋娃娃的服装,所以玩 Lolita的也以玩sweet love 的较多。深田恭子戏里的造型就属于这种。
2. Elegant Gothic Lolita - 主色为黑和白,特征是想表达神秘恐怖和死亡的感觉。不喜欢可爱打扮的Lolita爱好者的另类之选。通常配以十字架银器、黑色指甲和眼影,带出神秘优雅的气质。
3. Classic Lolita - 基本上与Sweet Lolita有点相似,但以简约色调为主,着重剪裁以表达清雅的心思,颜色较为平实(例如茶色及白色)。裙身的喱士花边会较 Sweet Lolita为少,而荷叶褶是最大的特色,流露出高贵典雅的格调。由于设计较为平实,所以特别适合一些初玩Lolita的Fans。

Lolita源自俄裔美籍著名作家纳博可夫 (Vladimir Nabokov) 于1955年出版的小说《Lolita》,后被史丹利寇比力克(Stanley Kubrick) 改编成同名电影《一树梨花压海棠》,描述一位中年教授与12岁少女的纠缠情欲关系,女主角名叫Lolita。自此,日本人将‘Lolita’成煺婵砂倥拇剩?4岁以下的女孩称为‘Lolita代’,简称为‘Loli’。1997年,电影《Lolita》再被重拍,在日本大受欢迎,原宿街头开始兴起宫廷娃娃look的时装潮流。

【Lolita 绝不等于 Cosplay!】
Gothic & Lolita 是一种服装风格, Cosplay 是一种角色扮演活动,千万不可混淆。其实,出现这种误解,是因为很多漫画角色穿着 Gothic & Lolita 服饰,像《库洛魔法使》的木之本樱、《Chobits》的芝等,她们都是很受欢迎的角色,导致有人因而把 Gothic & Lolita 与 Cosplay 混为一谈。


Lolita fashion (ロリータ・ファッション) is part of the fashion style and subculture Gothic & Lolita, which originated in Japan, largely inspired by Victorian children's clothing and the elaborate costumes of the Rococo period. Other influences include the western gothic and punk fashions.

Skirts are typically knee length and are worn with a panier or petticoat to add volume. Over-knee socks, knee socks or stockings are extremely popular, especially printed with roses or crowns or topped with lace. Footwear is typically cute, child-like shoes such as Mary Janes, though Vivienne Westwood rocking horse shoes, and replicas of them are also very popular. Skirts are typically paired with either a frilly, ruffled, or lace-trimmed Victorian blouse, often with Peter Pan or sailor collars, or a lacey 'cutsew'.

Lolita Fashion Subcategories
1 Gothic Lolita
2 Sweet Lolita
3 Classical Lolita
4 Punk Lolita
5 Other Lolita Styles
5.1 Wa Lolita (japan traditional cloth)
5.2 Qi Lolita (chinese traditional cloth qi pao)
5.3 Pirate Lolita
5.4 Erotic Lolita

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swinburne Night Cosplay Performance

video took by me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

CosWorld interview by Sarawak petang newspaper

Xiang yong from sarawak petang newspaper invite cosplayers go to their office for a interiview.
1.30 all cosplayer already reached there.
after have a talk with our cosplayer, they change to their costume.
Inter as Anbu and Vui Khien as Itachi from naruto.
Hua Kiong First time try Tidus (Final Fantasy X) costume. He wear a t-shirt inside lazy change, thats why tidus shirt's zip can't unzip.
After that, we took some photo at the garden infront of office.

Xiao Huang Mao, Grandma and the Big Grey Wolf....swt

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cloud playing paino

last day of year2006, we went to hua kiong house to record d video


for more visit

Lip Sync Bu De Bu Ai

after our naruto video shoot. we continue this video at house
hiroshi wearning shinigami costume sing the guy part
then hua qiang wear cloud costume sing the girl part



Hock Lee center cosplay- Lolita

viople said wan do a cosplay video at hock lee center. so me, chung nien and jimmy wait them at noon there. around 2.00pm viople come with another 3 girl. teeyah, videl and wendy.

here the video and photo

for more visit

Taman Sahabat kakashi cosplay

our sibu friend fanten (jiang zhun) wanna try cosplay kakashi. so me and chung nien help him set hair and make up. we went to taman sahabat (friendship garden) for the photoshooting. it just 5 minute drive from my house. here the naruto - kakashi cosplay photo.


for more info

New Numa MV

We use this video join the New Numa Dance Video contest

This video took us 3 day to finish shoot. We video at few place, kuching civic center, waterfront, sarawak museum, tun jugah, star cinema, taman sahabat, sarawak plaza, kuching post office old court there, and mcdonald.

1st day, we go taman sahabat shoot with the group dancing, many small kid take photo there. hua kiong as cloud, hiro as ro assassin, seng fatt as hokage, julian as akatsuki, jimmy as gunner, poh as luffie.

2nd day, we go to civic center shoot first, then we go waterfront infront ta pek kong shoot, and also request the "ah ma" who sapu lantai there help us. Then went to the cats statue there shoot, and infront Mc donold too. After that, we go tun jugah drink water, a group ppl come and request to take photo with cloud. after that we move to sarawak museum. cloud do "ghost face" infront sarawak museum..wakaka

3rd day, today hua kiong bring his classmate join us, the girl wearing yellow shirt. she also dance with us this time..haha. she interest to see hua kiong cosplay.
The china boy Yi Wen (study at swinburne) also follow us this time, because he never see malaysia cosplay. He ask hua kiong is that his real hair? hua kiong told him real hair, took 3 years to grown it. Chung Nien also help hua kiong cheat Yi Wen.
Yi Wen at first trust, then he go touch hua kiong's hair....and found out is fake!! whhhh, he angry and hit both hua kiong's and chung nien's head.

we went to tun jugah front door trafic line there shoot. many ppl look at us, some car stop there and take out hp took danger driving ha.
cloud dancing? that will never happen in the FF7AC movie.
after that we went to old court there, i found some ppl hide at some place, shoot our photo at far far...@_@. maybe those public feel shock on the weird costume.
then we went infront star cinema, the death note poster there shoot...omg... yi wen and pchun holding hua kiong up.

After finish shoot, we go to star cinema watch movie~
gg.....saw somone...... ehem.... inside.... lol secret

lol cute. sleep on mr Mc

cloud should smile more right? hehe

this bike we borrow from the security guard nice!! suddenly giv hua kiong "beo" tiok.

Video Running Time: 3 minutes
Shooting format: 3ccd
Video Style: Kuso MV
Song Title: New Numa Dance
Location: Kuching
Production: CosWorld, Catscity
Date Record: November 2006

Director: wei
Cameraman: Nien
Editor: Wei
Laptop: Jimmy
photographer: hiroshi, jimmy, wei, pchun

hiroshi as RO sin
hua qiang as FF7AC cloud
seng fatt as naruto hokage
julian as naruto akatsuki
jimmy as the gunner
poh chun as one piece luffie and fans boy
yi wen as china fans boy

more info



New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

raaz, dva, tree, chit-eerie, pyat
vwee-schol zaicheeek pog-ool-yaat
v-droog-o-hotneek vwee-beg-guy-et
pree-yaamo v-zaicheeka strell-yayet
peef-puff, oy, oy, oy
oo-meer-eye-et zaicheek moy
New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

raaz, dva, tree, chit-eerie, pyat
vwee-schol zaicheeek pog-ool-yaat
v-droog-o-hotneek vwee-beg-guy-et
pree-yaamo v-zaicheeka strell-yayet
peef-puff, oy, oy, oy
oo-meer-eye-et zaicheek moy

New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

raaz, dva, tree, chit-eerie, pyat
vwee-schol zaicheeek,

New Numa Hey!

raaz, dva, tree, chit-eerie, pyat
novaya zhezen,

New Numa Hey!

eez-ven-eatchya men-yah
nyet lee oo vaas Grey Pupon

raaz, dva, tree
proasta talk
what will be will be
New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

New Numa Oora Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!
Numa Hey! Hey!
New Numa Oora Hey!

raaz, dva, tree, chit-eerie, pyat
vwee-schol zaicheeek,

New Numa Hey!

raaz, dva, tree, chit-eerie, pyat
novaya zhezen,

New Numa Hey!

yah lube-lyoo tebya
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah ...
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah .
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah ..
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah ..
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah ..
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah ..
vwee-lube-beetyah men-yah ..

New Numa Oora Hey!


One, two, three, four, five
A little bunny came in and is walking around
All of a sudden a hunter runs in
Firing right at the bunny
Bang bang! Ow ow ow!
My little bunny is dying!

One, two, three, four, five
A little bunny came in and is walking around

One, two, three, four, five
A new life

Forgive me,
Do you have any Grey Pupon?

One, two, three
Simply so
What will be will be

I love you
You all love me

Monday, July 9, 2007

Last Penril WOE

Check the last Penril WOE clip
amanzel last woe in penril server, defence together with immotalis guild


sweet memory neh

and the flag pendant design by me, nice got car sticker blue and red color one also.

Thanks all kuching gang for all the sweet memory: Willie(-=Devil2=-), sw|m-silentkill(mok), nmclf(chee fui), boyboi (jf), derick, kendrick, Andy(himura) , Ron

RO summon monster at city

Enjoy the screen shoot~ summon hundred of monsters and killed some of the venders there. First time unofficial event organized in Idun- ERO.

Costume collection


1. Kakashi

2. Sakura (DIY)

3. Naruto

4. Sasuke Blue

5. Hokage (DIY)

6. Sasuke (black)

10 captain Hitsugaya costume

weiss kreuz gluhen aya

weiss kreuz aya (black costume)
no image.....

Jiraiya costume, belong to kenwy music school
Rock Lee costume, belong to kenwy music school

Naruto - akatsuki costume

D grayman costume
made by metal, and can take off from the coat, so you can wash the coat
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket