Sunday, November 23, 2008

One TJ

Went the One TJ shopping center, its a place that a lot of computer shop, just like sarbarkas. ahaha.. next time no need go sarbarkas liao, parking so hard.
where this new shopping center located? at Jalan Song, the 3rd traffic light, turn right, then u will see one TJ at ur left hand side.

got 3person basketball contest..umm

front of the building

inside the building, many shop still not open yet

top floor food court

emm actually this is remove control car.....not a normal toy car!!! --- the special thing is...small kid can sit

digi free pop corn

this suku kia got a cute bag bag

free food...waaa come choing..look at the girl eyes..hehe
guy vs girl..choing

Friday, November 21, 2008

Visit my new houses

visit my 2 new houses at...emmm located near airport..forgot what road name..haha
both the left and the right side one--

a dog that away come our house sleep...swt

Monday, November 17, 2008

Causeway Bay

today shoot video for the contest ^
Ah nien as usually, we know him he will late~ , 11.00am call he come, he really 12.00 baru come, and he got so much time can go fetch pet first ho.


so we wait him at causeway bay, eat our lunch first.

apple juice RM3.80, ying yong in hk styles RM2.80, tea in hk style RM2.80
someone keep show off, wan us take photo of him

kiat seng order this Sizzling noodle with chicken chop RM7.50

kiong order this Chicken chop with rice in black pepper sauce RM8.90

me order this seafood spaghetti with tomato paste RM11.90

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Luxury cafe

Saturday night went to Luxury cafe with old friends.
It located next to Boulevard shopping mall, beside am Bank, very easy recognized.

Its a western food restaurant, but also serve Chinese food, local food..etc Price is still ok.

Chicken salad...yam


Onion soup

Fry wan tum and orange juice, not bad the taste

They also provided set meal, price more cheap. There night many costume was there, business not bad ho..

for more kuching food, make sure check my blog..hehe

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fan made final fantasy song..better than original

wow a fan made version
nice the song!! She is really a good singer with good voice

FFX Suteki da ne english

Angel white of labyrinth blue
Do you see me as I see you?
Soft darkened eyes
haunted by dreamless sleep
Is it your ghost I see in the mirror?
Reach out to touch me
dearest dream of mine
Open your eyes, say you're alright
The glass shatters at the softest touch
Is there a soul beyond the shards?

Warm tears sting my eyes
As all of these sweet memories
flood back to me
Reminising now
The sun will set beyond
the cruel mountain range
I'll still be here
(it's dark now without your light)
Begging your heart to beat
(sweet defiled angel, open your eyes)
My existance is not the same
(believe in me)
Without you here...
(believe that I love you)

You shut your eyes
and gave in to that light
A beauty frozen in eternal night
just when I realized the
error of my ways
you slipped between my fingertips
I was a fool, I was stuck in such bliss
Wish I could grant, you your first kiss
Sorrow only grows if I try to forget
you're an eternal part of me

A sweet lullaby
Clasping my fragile heart
and whispering your name
Soft embrace in my sleep
Is this a dream or is it
Yet another nightmare of thee
Don't let this end
(it's cold now without your touch)
Wait on the other side
(my beautiful angel, rest in peace)
And I will slumber deep
(just please don't let this die)
I'll see you soon...

FF9 Melodies of life...swt better than the original one i think

Final Fantasy 7 Aerith theme

You're Not Alone

Media award party 2008

Media award party
same as last year, same place at Hilton Hotel...
i love the food..haha especially their cake...yam yam....too bad my perut small...sob..cant eat much T.T

Vip seat
they come kidda late at 8.30, start dinner after their speech

cake.....cake Hilton style buffet

walau..i took a lot

the performance of the day....swt ....very bad, only few ppl sendiri high there. I think the organizer should change their style and program next year. not only invite malay singer and band lah... invite some chinese band, ppl will more interest. or maybe some hiphop dance, break dance those....

haha...this set of drum attract me the most, wonder how much the price

and this year lucky fast end d...price little than last year

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spaghetti - my lunch

Went to secret recipe for lunch....weird ho....
order 1 tomato Spaghetti....err...the taste ah.... lost the other branch which located at The Spring there.....

tomato Spaghetti with cheese..yam love the cheese lo

only 3 groups ppl was there having lunch....swt

when i was waiting for my food, a stylist old lady come in..wearing sunglass.
She take off sunglass and said" :oh sorry! i was late because..bahbahbah".....
they sit at the table next to me......
"waaah..ur bag...this is what what brand d bag ha. look great!"
"KL restaurant d food good...their branch more...bahbahba.....kl good good good..."

haha..from the cloth she wear, i already can guess how her style and what she like to talk about :P