Sunday, July 8, 2007

CosWorld~ Kuching

CosWorld consist of 2 department

Cosworld Cosplay Club and Cosworld Production Team.

Cosworld cosplay club is a club that bring together people who share the same hobby ~ Cosplay. It is same like other cosplay club, public and private gathering, photoshooting and etc. Everyone are welcome to join. CosWorld ~a cosplay club based in kuching.

Cosworld production team, its a club consist of actor, model, videographer, photographer, editor, director, and other production crew. It is a video team that carry out videl project such as independant film, music video, short home video, event video hosting and etc. Most of our video project are cosplay related, live action movie. But we also carry out non cosplay related program. It is also a good place to train ur acting and modeling skill.
Current we are looking for more model, the requirement is: nice looking, fit body, able to catwalk, a musical or dancer. If you meet those requirement, we will test you on few videos. For those who get approved by commitees, we will help provide the costume that use in the video and photoshoot.

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