Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chinese New Year

This year nian 30 midnight raining at kuching here. but still canot stop the firework .kakaka firework non stop around 20 minutes.

well. this year so boring leh. less go out. only nian chu 4 go watch movie with friends. then saw hua kiong at cinema..

.lol nian chu 5, with nien, seng fatt, hiroshi we go poh chung house play, then go hua kiong house, pick hua kiong, then go siew chin house pai nian. @_@ reach my house already 12.00 midnight liao. hua kiong play o2jam little star..wakakaka kid song. chung nien play o2jam so funny. finger dono press where.

here d video. gg. got show we making the pineapple cookie leh! nice to eat le!!

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