Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cosplay Gathering at may video~

Videl doing her video assignment. some boring ppl..haha include there do some extra funny vid~
look! ... eat handphone .....and a katana, kunai come out from intel's mouth leh!
Pei han copy the movement of that monster from lord of funny
Counter Strike first person shooting game...ehhh stupid han at there keng keng keng with a wood..... suddenly han and hua qiang become zombia~~
vk look like the guy from tekken....
videl was shooting her naruto music video assignment.

we few boring guys..kakaka nothing do so come out some stupid funny idea...wakaka

eat handphone?

sworld come out from mouth

for the sparta, today we stand in rain

donate money to blind ppl

only RM1 nia? @#%%^!@@#

returner ...nope organization XIII VS akatsuki

counter strike? wakaka. pen hai copy d mosnter from lord of ring, and the toilet paper sensei..kakaka

roxas so emo. and giv some fan service... hahaha

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