Friday, July 20, 2007

CosWorld on newspaper 3 color pages!!!

3 color full pages today!!! wow~~ thats a lot... really a lot!!!! all about us. other topic also dont have that much before.
today friday come out 3 pages, saturday got another color page again!

because actually there are two differ reporter do the same topic, thats why so many report about us.

ok. first, about the inveterview at intimes/sarawak petang office, july 2007.
hua kiong, gary, lance, LRP 4 cosplayers and jimmy the former was invited. This report is interview by xiang yong, article write by me, page design by pao lin. Pages was put at the middle of newspapers, 2 color page continue together. hua kiong photo so big !!! that picture was took by saimon our official cameraman! almost half page is his photo.

wan get the clear version?
go my server download it

2nd is taman sahabat that time at may 2007
put in the font page
the reporter is kun chai, write by him, and page design by jin fung.
vui khien's photo face put so big there.
here the picture, got a bit error here.

click here to download the clear version

update~ the saturday newspaper

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Misao said...

Good~~ congrats~~ =D