Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Menu

The Menu is a western + Asian style resraurant, located at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adru.
Beside Lee'music, got a small waterfall wall infront the shop, u cant see inside..but inside can see who's outside.

i order bali juice rm2.30, salad, rm5.90, it taste nice cos of the source^

Asian food such as rice price around rm5-6, western such as chicken chop price around rm11-13
Drink price start from rm2.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bought a new amplier

XP finally...... a guitar amplier!!
ibanez TBX15R

went to lee music collect my amp today. after a few test, the sound quality was great, very clear!! even disortion!
for a 15w amp, the volumn really enough for me. ^^ from far far still can hear leh.

a new string cleanner, it can use on any string instrument

capo..use to kiap guitar string d, rm30

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taipei 101

located at airport road, RH plaza there, same line as EON bank.
food there was nice....taiwan style. price reasonable for a restaurant. + Business good many ppl went there for dinner. recommend
we only wait 5 minutes then our food served, consider fast

Beef noodle rm6

pork noodle rm6

fried Oyster (small) rm5

Drinks orange juice and passion green tea



Monday, March 2, 2009

Momoyama japanese restaurant

went to momoyama japan restaurant have my lunch today. it located behind wisma phoenix, jalan song thian cheok there.

inside only me and another guy.....swt maybe day time not much ppl come.

the menu...honestly price are a bit expensive compare to other.
i order this tori teriyaki set RM16.....grilled chicken
the chicken taste good, but the tofu and vegetable......not nice
+ pineapple soft drink rm3,
total price is rm19, but i use discount coupon so become rm17.10


Looking for actor

Looking for actor
Looking for actor act in a MV


4 guys, age between 15-22
-vocal, must know how sing japan song + good looking, cos will zoom face of u singing,
-guitarist lead, must really know how to play
-bassist, must know a bit how play
-drum, must at least know how to 'act' play...hehe

1 girl(can b guy also if canot find), age between 17-20
-guitarist, at least know how to 'act' play..haha

its a cosplay band MV,

but not kuso style,
more on cool, rock, sad, serious, maybe add a bit fighting screen.

those who interest, apply here, or msn me.
and dont worry, if u are not selected for this first mv, i will arrange on another mv.