Sunday, May 4, 2008

何康伟 Kewny music school - Musical Concert

Kewny music school gonna have a year musical concert at 07-6-2008. Ticket got rm 10 and 50.

Rm10 ticket u can buy it from me..hehe.

What program on the day? chinese traditional music, singing, dance and band.

But then, the title of this concert is THE BEST, a lot of band gonna performance that day. !! yeah yee ha..!

what song they gonna performance oh? cant tell much yet, mandarin, cantonese, english, and 2 japan songs......

ONE of the song is from NARUTO!!! what???!!! waooo, the famous anime, heard got cosplay also wo...ummm..hehe should be really cool!! and that singer can sing naruto song very well during the practice night, japan song not easy to sing neh.



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