Friday, July 25, 2008

Charity anime event

This 27 July 2008 (Sunday), there will be Charity Fund Raising for KuchingAutistic Association (KAA) cum Anime Character at BOULEVERD MALL, KUCHINGfrom 1PM to 9.30PM
There will be ;


2) GAMES related to much you know about anime? LOVE prizes??

3) ANIME BODY ART PAINTING.. Want some Anime Tattoo/painting on your body??

4) KAA Booth Exhibition.. Lovely handmade stuff!
Wonder what game?

1) Anime Quest.- Similar as 'The Amazing Race'. Form your own team consisting of 2 members.- Work together with your member with the clue given to search for 'clueperson' and answer 2 question related to anime in order to get the nextclue as fast as possible as you will compete with other teams.- However, if you don know the answer you can get help from public or evenur crew (excluded clue person) at the stage area.- 1st team who arrive first will be winner and get mystery prizes!
2) Anime Hunt- Similar like 'Treasure Hunt', instead of hunting for treasure, yourequired to hunt for Particular Anime Doll. Clue will be given!- first person who found it and bring it back to the game station will bethe winner and get mystery prizes!
3) Anime Quiz- Testing your knowledge about Anime. Few question will be given and youjust have to answer it.- Don worry, you can discuss among your friend or you can go home to watchanime for answer! XD- you can collect the paper from 1pm onwards BUT deadline of the submitwill be 4pm!- 3 top score will get mystery prizes!
4) BINGO- Everyone knows what this is include your parents! Fear your parentswon't wait for you if you play any of our game? don worry, ask them toplay this and i bet they love it too- Each round will have amazing prizes! try your luck!

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