Saturday, August 2, 2008

Square Enix

On August 2nd and August 3rd, Square Enix is holding a "private party" with the utterly ridiculous name DKΣ3713 that will be limited to only 2,400 attendees, picked by raffle through the Japanese Square Enix Members website.

They will show the lastest trailer of Final Fantasy XIII Versus and other games

sob...i wish i was there...

last time i bought PS2 because of Final Fantasy X and tidus..haha

Should i buy PS3.....cos of FF13 versus and the Prince from the loyal family which related to the mystery crystal...

the game release nex year..still long time

this is last time d.... i still waiting for new video
but heard that, this private party not allow camera....

and its funny.....little ppl care about FFXIII, but more ppl are look forward on FFXIII Versus

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so
There is no inherent right and wrong, but our thinking devided into good and evil.


The trailer started out with a quote stating that this game is "a fantasy based on reality." While we don't know what exactly the reality of the setting happens to be, the camera focused on a car that was speeding through a tunnel, and eventually showed the main character reclining in the back seat looking extremely bored as he was driven through the passageway. The next shot was a phrase that popped up, stating that "the real figure is still hidden in the sleep." Again, we weren't entirely sure who this real figure is, if it's the main character, who's the young king that's trying to defend his kingdom, or how they relate to the reality or fantasy of the game, but we were shown a sequence of the main character walking down stairs as a large group of armed soldiers opened fire upon him. This, and the deflection of the bullets with a crystalline shield, wasn't new, as we saw this at E3 two years ago. However, what was somewhat new was the addition of a mysterious woman that the main character appeared to come upon suddenly......

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