Monday, August 17, 2009

Correction : Shi Hua Daily

Today i read Shi Hua Daily, there are many mistake wrote there.

Yong Hua Kiong (Cloud) and Desmond Lai (noctis) are not from Swinburne Cosplay club, there are no Cosplay club there.

Desmond Lai is from SMK Pending....he just 16 years old...swt why reporter still make a mistake.

videl not vide

L cosplay experience is 2 years not 4 years

Then Desmond told that United daily also got cosplay news, about sarawak plaza cosplay event, but too bad no color, just black and white. Anyone have Borneo Post newspaper? help me check ya.

i think the Sarawak Plaza one better write ourself...haha. so that can accurate no mistake.
Those who are called for interview pls come ya.

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