Monday, August 3, 2009

2-Aug 2009 Boulevard group skit contest

Let the photo tell the story~
and today dam!! my video cam battery got problem....sob...T.T so u know what lah~
lucky seng got record some video with his camera, waiting him to sent me. ^^

sorry dint take much photo, no mood cos my cam problem. only took photo of my gang.
lol...i remember something. the ex-noctis like to do this pose, no wonder look familar


i think chuang ching really suit this character..haha, he look so exited first time wear long wig.


i think group that who win the audience baru the winner.
There are some group i really like them, not only costume look alike and be in character too, we know who(which character) are they cosplaying.
really professional, personal i like the one piece and gintama group XP
won or lost does not matter, as long as u understand what is cosplay and enjoy it.


nice hair color, white, blue, gold, red!



For those who keep asking how to judge mark
This is the detail which told by the organizer of the Boulevard Cosplay and cosplay skit contest:

The hall costume contest
This contest aims to search for the best costume, most faithful and most into character individual.
Participants shall need to be the character of the costume itself in order to win the competitions.
this contest shall last for......bahbahbah
Judging will be based on the best handmade costume, most faithful (resemblance, look, hair, talking style, walking style etc) and most into character...bahbahbah

Cosplay Skit Contest
first of its kind in East Malaysia, this contest will feature a group of cosplayers participating and sket out a skit to performance on stage.
The skit can just be about anything from parts taken from the actual anime to performances squeeze out of their creativity.

Skit judging
Performance: Relating to production of performance, creativity ..and entertainment
3 point for creativity
2 point for preparation
3 points for acting/dances
3 points for entertainment

Costume (10 points): How faithful the costume/cosplayer is to the original origin
4 point for quality
3 points for difficult
3 points for accuracy

Faithfulness to story: How faithful is the performance to the story of the original origin(5 poits) and characters
2 points for being in character
3 points for skit faithful to story

i get this copy from a reporter, so its a totally correct information which show on newspaper.


KuroZeroWing said...

I know it's late but I have been researching this debate.

I have seen your post in this forum:

As I am a Gothic Lolita, I support your statement that it is a fashion and yes, it is. I too feel that it has been stated clearly that it is a COSPLAY SKIT, hence, originals, be it lolitas, most certainly won't do in the competition.

I really like your costumes. Well done. And your skit was great. I agree that you guys should have won, being able to win over the audience. Your group too has the most videos posted on youtube compared to the other groups. Haha, I stitch my own clothes as well.

I am ashamed that people have taken lolita as a costume, not a fashion. It's like telling Yves Saint Laurent that his coutures are costumes. That's just wrong. What's wrong with these club people?

To me, as I wear Gothic Lolita everyday like it's my life, they have gone a little too far. I have no idea where they got that stupid statement from, but I am sure the other lolitas like me are also pissed off.

And from your blog post, those club people should learn to mind their manners if they think they can wear like a lolita. Psh, gentiles!

You cosplayers have performed better, be it inexperienced. But I do hope that you will continue to improve on the character appearance.

Well, you have my sympathy for them terrorising your blog like that. You were merely stating a fact, that is: Lolita is a fashion. Shall I say something similar that the main icon of us Gothic Lolitas said? Well, here:

"Gothic & Lolita FASHION"

NOT costume. Don't tell me someone starts telling a punk with spiky leather clothes that he has a nice costume. That punk is sure to uppercut him or her to space.

If those people still want to claim that lolita is cosplay, tell them to go and ask a REAL lolita who wears lolita everyday and is not embarassed to wear it wherever he/she goes. Ask the Japanese, for example, or worst case, ask me.

KuroZeroWing said...

Well, just to note, the reason why I feel you guys should have won is because you guys look more like the character being cosplayed (Reno, Cloud and Noctis), you guys act more like them compared to the group that won and your performance was worth looking at and remembered. That's all. Cosplaying is about being the character like an actor in the movies, yes?

KuroZeroWing said...

Hey, guess what one of those judges(the ex president of sams) defined cosplay as?

As quoted:
"I am talking about the character retaining its characteristics by itself not necessary by the way they dress, and if you are able to portray characteristics and mindset of a character, that’s certainly more than just donning an exact replica costume of the character.”

Super hilarious. Yet when he was shown what a real cosplay skit is like, as in:

he said this: Those are perfect examples of how a cosplayer understands and wears the character’s characteristics, and that’s certainly more than just donning an exact replica costume of the character. To put it much more simply: there is more than just external qualities to a character, inner qualities bring out the true character of the character.

He's totally going against his own words. Ironic. First he said you don't need a costume to cosplay as long as you can act like the character. Now he said that the people in the videos are really cosplaying even though they are wearing costumes.

Sorry if I am flooding your blog with these comments but I understand that you and the guys in the cosplay forum don't like certain things they do. So, I'm trying to prove to someone at least that what they did was wrong. I told them in their blog but seems that they completely ignored me.

Wei said...

ehem XP actually i am not the FF group cosplayer, just go there support my friend of FF, one piece and gintama.
for d 3 group, win or lost does not matter for them:P

But what really make me piff of is... when i post at my blog said that lolita is not cosplay, ppl who won the audience heart baru the winner.

note, my post dint not mention to any group. or said any group should won or lost.

who the real winner is let the blog reader themself to think. of couse the blog reader here have the differ choise, some maybe choose ff, some gintama. come a few members from sams, come spam my blog. ?? aro? whats wrong with them? and post a lot of weird teory, what lolita is cosplay, they work very hard on practice lah.
swt....they are telling blog reader here: themself
are the group who not cosplaying?

KuroZeroWing said...

Hahaha. I apologise for mistaking you as one of the FF cosplayers.

Yes, I agree that people have the right to choose.

But the costumes, I found the FF ones very interesting.

Well, thank you for your time.

Wei said...

helping the ff group gang pass d msg:
thank for support ^^

XP i just don't like ppl attack my blog by giving wrong definition on cosplay to public.
thats really weird teory.