Monday, August 13, 2007

a...Crazy RO player

today clean my room....just found those stuff..
RO guild books, and branch of montly, 150 points and daily card. I start RO before the p2p, around year 2004 i think, then quit RO at 2007 jan. Got many account before, almost all job..but some account sold out.

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last time lucky draw during PC fair, i won one helm of angel wing (last time so rate and expensive). all my online friend so shock dont belief i win it, until i get it from GM and show them. I remember i was call to online at one night, then go to alberta, dono GM hide at where, suddenly deal me, ask me pm him my real name and phone number, after indentifly is me, then GM gave me the item. The mage figure also free one, they giv me during PC fair.

Those who play penril server might know my smelly Anywhere i able to meet a lot online friend become real life friend.

here my stupid story. one day a noob aco meet a archer name moghedien, and a thief name vanilla ice. they form a party and lving at mummy place.
the noob aco - itachi uchiha is

then i make another char name uchiha sasuke, i join a guild name amanzel IV, that time our guild master is tacobell - a hunter. That time hunter own all!

Then guild war stop becos of bot program peoblem, tacobell quit ro, guild was gone. I make new character- a monk then go join thew new guild IV again, which lead by legolas. But then he also dont wan sent me to new new guild 4, lead by undead priest. Then after that d story ..most ppl know zo.

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