Monday, March 2, 2009

Looking for actor

Looking for actor
Looking for actor act in a MV


4 guys, age between 15-22
-vocal, must know how sing japan song + good looking, cos will zoom face of u singing,
-guitarist lead, must really know how to play
-bassist, must know a bit how play
-drum, must at least know how to 'act' play...hehe

1 girl(can b guy also if canot find), age between 17-20
-guitarist, at least know how to 'act' play..haha

its a cosplay band MV,

but not kuso style,
more on cool, rock, sad, serious, maybe add a bit fighting screen.

those who interest, apply here, or msn me.
and dont worry, if u are not selected for this first mv, i will arrange on another mv.

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