Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mooncake festival video by smk pending students

Mooncake festival video: Chang Er & Wu Gang.
This video is not done by me, i just help upload and a bit assist on edit.
Original by the students of smk pending, lead by Desmond.

Here the video:

Director: Desmond
Cameraman: Desmond
Actors: See the end credit there.

haha, the short hair girl is ching's sister, kid with glasses is mond's brother. and the guy with sunglass is ching and mong's biggest cousin.

This part really zha dou..炸到。。。wan fall on floor zo, the rabbit laugh so evil one...kikikikiki

and also Chuan Ching really 牺牲很大,face give draw till like that...walau, smell shoe and underwear...

notice the board “光明正大” from the video? that one special made for the video used d, and the fake axe too.

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